Monday, January 17, 2011

human blessings

in all shapes and delicious sizes
each with their own unique blue print
attraction to desire and divinity
metamorphosizing every moment into that which is
that which is and that which never was
that which never was could never be
will never know what was not known
as all there ever is there IS
the truth inside this simple breath of every breath we breathe
this simple moment of serenity in the inhalation of the exhalation
the exhalation of the inhalation
the circle of the unseen light
the sherpa on the journey of the 7
this ever and never existing subliminal heaven
that surrounds me with such magnificence in every flight of every bird
in every smile of every child
in the sweetness of the dearest lover's lips
the purr of every cat
the growl of every beast
the clouds as they encompass me
the sound as it does penetrate into my marrow's core
the muscles as they burn
the blood as it swims through me the deepest sea
the stretch
the pose
the fire burning bright with rain and heat
the savory taste of love mixed with me
the rising moon the falling sun
the silence in the meditative state
the feminine
the masculine
the gratitude for the perfect blend of both
equaling simply one pure and perfect whole
this beauty in human blessings as we balance this our highest goal
remind us daily discipline
the secret art to care for this sacred transport
our only truth into the purity of our only soul

© chelsea starr madrigal