Sunday, February 26, 2012

letters to the universe, a letter to you

February 25th, 2012
Letters to the universe,
A letter to you

Dearest love,
May this find your heart feeling the deepest of happiness and gratitude for this amazing life we lead upon this magical dream of a planet.
As mine is full and warm and exhaling the light of the present of the presence.
Here we are once more, catching UP.
As I sit and listen to the kaya project once given to me by the full moon boy singing native chants beaming smiles my way,
I feel my heart is free.
Staring out the window at this magnificent view that is my journey,
I now understand the phrase “tears of joy”
Impossible to grasp before
After all I saw so many doors as closed as opposed to
waiting for ME to BE the ONE to OPEN
Your home inside my heart is dancing and I find myself constantly smiling
effortlessly laughing
and I can breathe
I am blessed to find upon this planet I have so many brothers and sisters after all
I have the most amazing beautiful inspiring friends love and family one could ever manifest biologically artistically spiritually
and with or without the same DNA we are in the blood stream
I know not however how I ever have doubted you or me as we are soooo connected, your patience has been my mantra and my greatest ally
despite my fears your love is
are swimming in the same ocean and the seven seas feel so much closer than the actual mileage
on certain days in a meditative state i am lucky enough to see through dimensions of the skies into the one magnificent infinity
Every thing is magic
No thing in the past holds onto me
every once in a while i can even feel the coil of the fire climbing up my 7
Every day is a blank canvass with a sweet little hint of a vision
and today I think I am going to paint
It is the first time I think ever I have felt that... THIS IS indeed my LIFE
The one I dream of
Sure I left out some pretty big specifications ☺ but I am happy
They seem to be forming all on their own anyway
The soundtrack is singing the cinematic tale just perfectly
And the trees are transferring beats
Melody my sweet mistress has found me and the score is rising
the soul is flying
and I sing your song all day long
But only two words can ever really have meaning
your hopeful love,